Frequently Asked Questions

Visit your nearest NBS Bank Service Centre to fill in EazyMobile Registration application form with the phone number which was registered in our system on account opening. You will also be required to present a valid ID.

Visit your nearest NBS Bank Service Centre to fill in EazyMobile Pin Reset form. You will also be required to present a valid ID.

Register on EazyMobile or Internet Banking; or Download NBS Bank EazyApp from your Google or Apple  store to make Interbank Transfers on your mobile phone or PC.

Settlement of transfers from NBS Bank to other Banks or vice versa  is done within 24hrs for any transfer made on Monday – Friday before 2pm. Take note no settlements are done during the weekend. Kindly note that transfer between NBS Bank account holders are effective immediately

The Following are the requirements: 3 latest payslips, National ID, Letter of Undertaking from Employer & latest Utility Bill with a turnaround time of 3 working days upon satisfactory submission of documentation

Customers Phone Number should be registered on Airtel Money and application forms can be accessed at their nearest NBS Bank Service Centre. Thereafter a request to link Airtel Money to your account can be made

The Following are the requirements: Proof of income i.e.latest payslip,Proof of Identity i.e.National ID,& Proof of Residence i.e latest Utility Bill or Letter from the Chief to be brought to any NBS Bank Service Centre. You will also be required to draw a map of your resident location if other proof of residence is not available

It is a Transaction that allows the customer to withdraw money from any NBS Bank ATM without using an ATM card.
These are the steps:

How to create 

  1. Dial *322#
  2. Select 3(cardless withdraw)
  3. Select Source Account
  4. Enter Beneficiary phone number
  5. Enter Beneficiary name
  6. Enter Amount
  7. Confirm Transaction

How to cash out on the ATM

  1. Select cardless withdraw on the ATM (
  2. Enter Beneficiary phone number
  3. Enter one time pin
  4. Enter Amount
  5. Transaction Complete

Customers registered on EazyMobile can transfer money to any TNM or Airtel Number. The receipient will receive a message with an authorisation code to transact on any NBS Bank ATM.

The Authorisation code Expires after 5 hours of inactivity and funds are automatically reversed to the sender’s account.If the reversal fails call on our call centre help line 322 or whatsapp on 0888322322 to log a complaint.

This is a monthly charge on Current & Savings Accounts that allows customers to access free SMS  alerts, EazyMobile and ATM transactions.

These are Annual subscription fees for the use of a VISA Debit card.Customers can opt for monthly fee or once off deduction.

Claims on Failed NBS Bank ATM & POS transactions take 24 hours. Claims on other banks take 3 working days.If the reversal hasn’t been done visit any nearest NBS Bank Service Centre to fill a reversal form for further assistance.

Visit your nearest NBS Bank Service Centre to fill in Pin Replacement form,After the form has been filled the process takes 24hours.

Visit your nearest NBS Bank Service Centre with the Following  Documents:

  • Proof of income i.e.latest payslip
  • Proof of Identity i.e.National ID
  • Proof of Residence i.e latest Utility Bill
  • or Letter from the Chief.

Visit your nearest NBS Bank service centre to fill in Visa Card Application forms.

Contact our customer call center(322) or visit your nearest NBS Bank  Service Center or token re-print on EazyMobile.

Contact our customer call center(322) or visit your NBS Bank nearest service center.

Monday to Friday from 8am-4pm  except  selected service centres (Blantyre, Zomba, Lilongwe and Mzuzu which close at 6pm). On Saturdays all Service centres open from 8am to 11am & on Sundays the following service centres (Chichiri, Lilongwe and Mzuzu Agribusiness) open from 9am to 1pm .

It is a Digital Channel that caters mainly to customers who do not have NBS Bank accounts but would like to do various online transactions. It has features like, funds tranfers, airtel money, TNM Mpamba, Airtime topup, bill payments and cardless transactions. These are the steps: (1) Dial *322#  (2) Select 4 for “Send to Wallet (3) Select 1 for NBS Wallet (4)Enter recepient Cell Number (5)Enter recepient name (6) Enter amount to send.

It is a Mobile application which allows the customer to access his or her account transactions on  Android & Iphone handset using the Internet. These are the steps on how to access:

  1. Download the app by searching NBS Bank or NBS app on android using playstore on IPhone using appstore
  2. To register you get two options:
    1. 322 creditials
    2. Resent transaction
  3. If its option 1 you put your 322 password, if its option 2 you put your account number and the resent withdraw transaction which requests you to put the amount and date of your last transaction.
  4. it will show  that you have been registered.