Credit facility that offers customers an opportunity to own Real Property

Facility Amount
  • Up to 70% collateral value
Interest Rate
  • Base Rate + Risk-Based margin
Penalty Interest
  • Base Rate + Risk-Based margin + 10% (for non-payment)
Cost to Access Facility
  • Residential Mortgage processing fee
  • Commercial Mortgage processing fees
  • Disbursement fees
Mortgage Other fees includes:
    • Withdrawal of Approved Loan after 10 days
    • Title Deed Photocopy
    • Mortgage Loan Statement fee
    •  Internal Property Valuation fee
    • Bank undertaking
    • Balance Confirmation
    • Consent to Create Second Charge
    • Loan Rescheduling with Arrears fee
    • Loan Rescheduling without arrears capitalization fee
    • Home loan Dishonoured cheque/standing instruction/debit order
    • Mortgage Statement for Tax purposes fee
    • Account Reconciliation beyond 6 months/ and every year there after
    • Life cover insurance
    • Property Cover Insurance
  • 240 months or years to retirement whichever is less maximum for occupational mortgage
  • 60 months for commercial mortgage and personal loans against mortgages
  • Real property at 80% loan to value ratio
  • Offer letter/sale agreement
  • Identification document (Passport or driver’s license)
  • Income documentation (3 most recent pay slips or letter of salary)
  • Confirmation from employer or 6 months recent bank statements for the self-employed
  • Copy of certificate of lease or land certificate Bills of quantities and approved plans (if constructing)
  • A valuation report from a registered and Bank approved valuer/quantity surveyor
  • An NBS Bank active account aged 6 months and above