Company Profile

NBS Bank is a fully-fledged commercial bank providing various financial services to individuals, small and medium businesses, large corporations and public institutions.

The Bank was incorporated as a limited company on 14th March 2003 and was registered under the Banking Act 1989 on 1st March 2004. It started its commercial banking operations on 1st July 2004.

The Bank’s predecessor institution, the New Building Society, was formed following the amalgamation of the Central African Building Society, Commonwealth Century Building Society and First Building Society. It was incorporated under the Building Societies Act on 7th February 1964.

NBS Bank is listed on the Malawi Stock Exchange and currently, its shareholding is as follows:

  • NICO Holdings Plc 50.10%

  • Public Service Pension Fund 12.06%

  • The National Investment Trust Plc 2.00%

  • Reserve Bank of Malawi Pension Fund 1.99%

  • Madzi Pension Fund 1.76%

  • Old Mutual Life Assurance Company (Malawi) Limited 1.63%

  • Continental Asset Management Nominees Limited 1.85%

  • Standard Bank Pension Fund 1.41%

  • Continental Holdings Limited 1.19%

  • Associated Pension Trust 1.12%

  • Public 24.89%

In line with our philosophy of “taking banking to the people,” the Bank boasts of having one of the widest and probably the best service network in Malawi. NBS Bank has 26 real-time Service Centres strategically located across the country. In addition, the Bank offers one of the most expansive networks of ATMs and very innovative Mobile, Agency and SMS banking services to give our customers additional service delivery platforms.