Corporate Overdraft Facility

Get cash flow relief and emergency funding through the bank’s Overdraft facility for Corporate customers.

  • 6 months active account.
  • Marketable collateral.
  • Memorandum of association / articles of association.
  • Board resolution to borrow from the Bank
  • Cash flow projections.
  • Business plan and company profile.
  • Insurance policy covering full value of the collateral with our financial interest duly noted.
  • Audited financial statements and management accounts
Facility amount
  • Up to 60% of business turnover
  • Up to 80% of acceptable collateral value
  • Working capital, purchase of stock
Interest rate
  • Base Rate + Risk-Based margin
  • Subject to renewal every 12 months
  • Additional temporary facilities of up to 10% of existing limit are permissible.
  • Ability to bridge cash flow gaps.
  • Can be used to finance administration and operation expenses.
  • Can be used for working capital