Qualifications and Requirements
 Target Group Small and big corporate customers

 - 6 months active account.
 - Marketable collateral.
 - Memorandum of association / articles of association
 - Board resolution to borrow from the bank
 - Cash flow projections.
 - Business plan and company corporate profile
 - Insurance policy covering full value of the collateral

Facility amount
 60% of business turnover
 80% of collateral value

 Working capital, purchase of stock, paying creditors,etc
 Interest rate Risk Based

 12 months, maximum

 Flexible facility structure

 Additional temporary facilities of up to 50% of existing limit are permissible

 All branches of NBS Bank

 - Ability to bridge cash flow gaps
 - Can be used to finance administration and operation expenses
 - Can be used for working capital to purchase business inventory