Qualifications and Requirements
 Target Group Small and big corporate customers

 - 6 months active account.
 - Marketable collateral.
 - Memorandum of association / articles of association
 - Board resolution to borrow from the bank
 - Cash flow projections.
 - Business plan and company corporate profile
 - Insurance policy covering full value of the collateral

Facility amount
 60% of business turnover
 80% of collateral value

 Working capital, purchase of stock, paying creditors,etc
 Interest rate Risk Based

 12 months, maximum

 Flexible facility structure

 Additional temporary facilities of up to 50% of existing limit are permissible

 All branches of NBS Bank

 - Ability to bridge cash flow gaps
 - Can be used to finance administration and operation expenses
 - Can be used for working capital to purchase business inventory

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

NBS Bank plc would like to assure all customers that it has business continuity plans that are in place to ensure an appropriate response to any situation that can cause a distruption to the business, including the COVID-19 Outbreak.

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