VISA Credit Card

It is an internationally accepted card offered to NBS Bank customers, which can be used to shop online and ATM encashment worldwide.

  • Credit limit of $5000
  • Cardholder borrowing bank funds.
  • Interest is charged on the credit card balance.
  • Transactions are accumulated, statement is issued, and then cardholder chooses total or partial repayment
  • It is targeted at high net-worth customers, professionals and established entrepreneurs
  • Can use any Visa branded ATM around the world
  • Can be used locally as well as internationally to buy goods

  • A 100% cash over of the facility amount or real property
  • Pay slip or proof of income.
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

NBS Bank plc would like to assure all customers that it has business continuity plans that are in place to ensure an appropriate response to any situation that can cause a distruption to the business, including the COVID-19 Outbreak.

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